Artists on cards

For quite some time, I have wondered why there are so few contemporary artist type cards on the market, and yet so many people love art?….Having been incredibly fortunate to have watched my mother, Susan Horsfield, paint all my life, it was only natural that I would ask for her help in producing some unique artwork to help fill this gap in the market.

Thankfully, she agreed, and I believe the result is a unique, artistically interesting range of cards which are truly distinctive, inspirational and provide the perfect showcase for her work which goes back over the last 50 years.  I have always believed that, whilst Susan is known within the Art world, her work deserves to be shown to a much wider audience.

Her acclaimed artistic style and experience of colour and design was certainly the “springboard” for the launch of Artists on Cards.  Do please take the time to read a little more about the artist.

Susan Horsfield